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  • IGC Royale Anti-Hairfall & Conditioning Shampoo


    A mane is a man’s crown. IGC Royale Shampoo includes it’s all the essential hair growth and maintaining extracts. Your hair deserves nothing but the finest care.

    Infused with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E, promoting hair growth

    Strengthens hair follicles

    Gives a refreshing hair texture and smell

    Fights Dandruff

    Soothes the scalp

    Net Volume – 200 ml

  • IGC Royale Face & Fragrance – Gift Box


    Smell like the connoisseur who pays attention to finer details and make the ladies swoon.

  • IGC Royale Imperial – Gift Box


    Suited up for his board meetings in a tailor-made suit, accompanied with a tie pin and gourmet food on Fridays. If that’s the man you are trying to please, this gift box will sure make him smile.

  • IGC Lemongrass Loofah Handmade Soap


    Every day our skin is exposed to smog, chemicals, and many harmful toxins requiring natural deep cleaning detoxification and exfoliation. The ingredients of the IGC Lemongrass Loofah Handmade Soap helps to cleanse and purifies the skin, diminishes the shine, and improve its appearance. These handcrafted soaps bars are designed for the body and the face use and are suitable for men. This product is manufactured by passionate individuals locally in Mumbai. We are committed to only providing you with the best products that nature has to offer.

    Stimulate your senses with the zesty fragrance of the Lemongrass Loofah Soap brought to you by India Grooming Club. The refreshing fresh scent of this handmade bath soap boosts your energy levels and is a delight in the summer. It features the pure essence of luxury to remit a fragrance so invigorating that you will be overwhelmed by a refreshing feel that softens your skin and relaxes your senses. This Loofah Soap exfoliates and gently eliminates the surface layer of dead skin cells, giving you smooth and radiant skin. This exfoliation enhances circulation, eliminates calluses leaving behind healthy and glowing skin. The IGC Handcrafted Loofah Soaps are great exfoliating agents that are enriched with energising and fresh scents. Yet, a word of caution: Since it contains natural Loofah, this soap can be harsh for the face and those with sensitive skin. Our soaps are crafted using the melt and pour process in small batches. The soap is all-natural and vegan and free of any skin-damaging chemicals and cruelty-free.

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