Introducing A Man & His Basic Grooming Necessities

It is important to be presentable in today’s world. And, while one may find it rather convenient to look presentable with the help of a well-tailored suit, boots and perfume, but the truth is none of this works unless your personality matches your dressing.Therefore, it is necessary for even men to take care of their basic grooming needs, just to make sure they have an orderly reputation preceding them.

There are three things a man needs to focus on, at the least:

image002 Hair: Men can have various kinds of hair. The ones with straight hair, wavy hair or lose curls are often advised to wash their hair every day or every alternate day. This would help them keep the hair clean and wavy, as they are supposed to be. In addition to this, such hair need to be trimmed once a month, and this hair cut needs to be even to make sure they look decent at all times between the haircuts.
As for men with tighter curls in their hair, washing them once a week with shampoo and conditioner is important to maintain them.




image004Nails: This is the most basic and still the most essential part of grooming. Trimming one’s nails every three days is important. Filing them after trimming them is important and most of all, keeping them clean at all times is needed. It is hard to hide your nails when they are unclean, and they tend to draw the most disgust. An occasional manicure and pedicure may also prove to be helpful in maintaining your nails.





image006Skin: It often surprises guys that a tough skin needs to be maintained, but it does. The fact is, the skin of your different body parts needs different kind of attention. The most basic routine, however, would include a simple cleansing and moisturizing of the face along with moisturizing of the body. Cleansing 4-5 times a day keeps your skin glowing throughout the day and this glow makes you the more presentable than any kind of apparel ever would.



When we talk about basic grooming, these are the basic and bare necessities that one must take care of. Everything else follows one step ahead.