Easy To Follow Habits Of Well Groomed Men

Grooming is no more a luxury only for women. Nowadays, well-groomed men are appreciated more than a shabby looking caveman. And, when most of us are in the job of impressing people, our bosses, our clients, we need to be appreciated in these ways.

Here are some easy habits you could follow to remain well groomed:

image002Regular haircut – the first essential to being presentable and well groomed is to visit your barber regularly and making sure your hair doesn’t grow out of their style. also, choosing a decent barber with enough knowledge about what suits your hair and then going only to him every time you need a haircut is more advisable than experimenting with your hair. The same goes for your hair products, choose one which suits and you and don’t experiment again.




image004Cleanse, scrub and moisturize – your skin, especially that of your face, needs a lot of attention. And giving it that doesn’t make you a woman anymore. There are many different kinds of products available for all the three, cleansing, scrubbing as well as moisturizing. Its not difficult to figure out which suits you the best. Once you do, use them at least once every day to get rid of any unwanted marks, dead skin and black heads from your face and make it glow throughout the day.





image006Maintain your facial hair – it is no more essential to be clean-shaven to be considered well groomed. It is however essential that if you do decide to keep facial hair, they must be neat and tidy and trimmed a manner that they suit your face. If this is too much work, it is advisable to clean shave at least once a week.Even when you are shaving, you require special attention to avoid unwanted cuts or missed spots of shaving left on your face. For this you can use warm water on your razor, which would cause the pores to expand and reduce the irritation while shaving. If you’re still doubtful of your skill, professional help can always be sought.



Men, no longer does it require a village to help you look presentable. To be well groomed, one must follow a few principles, as mentioned above, to the T.